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Welcome to Herofied. I'm Rob Taylor and I suffer from creativity overload. Here's how it works: Because I forgot to grow up entirely, my daydreams default to Star Wars, superheroes and other (sometimes labeled "geeky") things.  When all of my collective ideas finally need a release, art is the outcome. So, to justify the hours spent in a silly Photoshop daze and a genuine concern for mankind because of the shortage of art (wink) I started a shop and called it Herofied.


This is what I love to do – push myself as far as I can go artistically and share the results with the world. Each one of these uniquely original pieces is the result of hours of intense expression, and I welcome you to explore (and be compelled to own) a piece of this creative collection.   My job is to reimagine the imaginary. So take a peek at my art. Bounce around my head for a bit. If it's fun, buy a souvenir.

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