"Kylo Ren: Pull to the Light"

My newest Herofied portrait is entitled, "Kylo Ren: Pull to the Light." This special print is limited to only 5 Artist Proofs. It's is also signed on the front opposite the print's designated number. I think one of the things that is so compelling about Ben Solo is his complex and volatile nature. Rarely in Star Wars are we privy to a scene where the primary villain confesses enticement to the Light Side of the Force. Whether you believe that "pull to the light" was extinguished in the final scenes or not, this already conflicted character is giving us the change to see what might have happened to Luke if he gave in to the Dark Side's temptations when he was still young and reckless.

Speaking of light and fathers, my father is a Master portrait photographer. Though our artistic paths have evolved differently, his knowledge of composition and light that he has ingrained in me over decades of apprenticeship have been invaluable to my art and successes. Thanks, Pops.

Seen here turning his back on the light and family ties he knows deep down is most powerful, Kylo Ren descends deeper into a place few can return from. Will he ever turn back?