Herofied Star Wars Inspired "Blue Series"

I'm pleased to introduce you to a new series of art prints based on the villains of Star Wars!

My new "Blue Series" prints are available in 2 sets of 3 and are sold in the standard 11"X14" format.

The titles are as follows:


1. Darth Maul: "Lord Maul Hologram"

2. Jango / Boba Fett: "Father's Legacy" (Blue Edition) Note: This print is different from my original "Father's Legacy" print. If has been mastered to fit the color of the Blue Series.


3. General Grievous: "Grievous End"

4. Stormtrooper: "Set for Stun"

5. Boba Fett: "Target Acquired"

6. Darth Vader: "Vader's Redemption"

These prints are available to be viewed and purchased in my shop by clicking HERE.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to my original "Father's Legacy" print, I thought it would be fantastic to carry the theme and color scheme over to other villains in each of the Star Wars movies. Working with a small color pallet was a challenge for me, but I felt the impact of seeing a unified series with such vibrant, blue ambience

would be unique and striking. From the blue, circular rays of a Stormtrooper's blaster to the twisted force lightning invading the mask of a changed man in his final moments, these characters are illuminated in blue and immortalized in their respective pivotal moments. I hope you enjoy these prints and that they help move you, even briefly, to your other favorite galaxy far, far away.

Each image was created by me from the ground up in Photoshop. As does most of my work, this set all features my signature "texture art". These images are comprised of dozens and dozens of photographs I've taken in nature and urban areas near my home in Connecticut. These photographs add texture, hue, shading, depth, age and interest to my pieces.

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