HEROFIED is fully commited to supporting the "Droids Have Rights 2 Campaign."

We at the D.H.R.2 (Droids Have Rights 2) organization are fully committed to our mission: developing an open dialog concerning Droid Rights. We feel this is an important issue and have already made strides that have been breakthroughs in public awareness. I assure you, in your lifetime you will see droid friendly oil bath stations dotting the dunes of Tatooine. You will see clearly marked computer terminals ending the confusion as to which are actually power sockets. Yes, in your lifetime you will even see a "Droids Welcome" sign posted proudly over the entrance of the "Mos Eisley Cantina." These are dreams of sentient advocates and the self-preserving programs of droids alike.

We believe that starting our campaign in the Outer Rim where our droid-heroes of the Rebel Alliance triumphed against dark odds would be most effective. Our advocates are currently working with the "Preservation of Historical Wetlands Society" on Dagobah to approve zoning for at least one environmentally compliant landing platform and charging station. This will insure that consumption and subsequent vomiting of droids from the mouths of large water dwelling creatures will be prevented in the future. No one - sentient, or droid should have to suffer that significant humiliation again. All it takes is for you to act now and contribute to this worthy cause. 100% of your donations will be used in our crusade to make the Outer Rim a more compatible place for all. For more information and your chance to donate, please seek us out @DroidsHaveRights2.

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